Patrick Hofmann

Junior Web Developer, React/JS/Ruby/Rails
  • March 5, 2020

I have a background in fast-moving consumer goods and supply chain operations using my strong analytical skills throughout projects before having retrained as a developer via the software engineering boot camp course at Flatiron School, building projects using JavaScript, React, Redux, Ruby, Rails and other associated technologies. Currently I am volunteering as a coach at Codebar to give back and further develop my technical communication skills while also studying React Native via e-learning platforms.

I am looking for my first role as a developer and would love to work in a cross-functional team that communicates openly and operates along agile principles as I enjoyed this during my time at Flatiron School.

I recently competed in a Facebook Developer Circles hackathon where we used a Pytorch built neural network to power a Messenger chatbot. Our team was made up entirely of boot camp graduates with a total of 6 months experience in the tech industry between our team of 5. Only one of us had any experience in Pytorch with the rest unfamiliar with the tech stack. I'm immensely proud of achieving a high finish just outside the podium, completing a functional chatbot that is able to identify emotions from photos supplied by the user over FB messenger with high accuracy, then offering additional functionality to the user.

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